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Connect Mama Gathering

Mother Circle

• Are you craving connection and community with other like-minded women?
• Do you long for a place where women can share stories, feel seen and heard for exactly who they are?
• Do you wish to re-create the village, something mothers really bloody need.
• Have you never attended a circle before, are curious and want to know more?
Motherhood is meant to be experienced in a village, in a community of like-minded, supportive, and loving women. We are meant to ask for help, to lean on each other, to share our breakdowns, to share our breakthroughs, and to hold each other accountable for doing the best we can every day.
Society might have you believe that you are supposed to do it on your own.
And it is entirely possible to do it on your own.
But why would you?
Coming together with other women is not admitting weakness…if anything is a show of strength.
The power of women joining together to make a positive change is profound.
It is only through connecting with other mothers that we realise that we are not alone, that we do need a village, that we can begin to embrace our transition from woman to mother, that we have an identify beyond mother that deserves to be nurtured and nourished.
 Circles are a great place to meet other like-minded mothers, to connect, to add beautiful women to your social and support networks. It is said so much it has become a cliche, but it is true, it takes a village…and The Connect Mama Circle helps you establish this village.
 Circles are a safe place to share both the positive and the negative.
 Circles help you focus on what you’d like to bring into your life! Setting intentions works! You will be amazed at how simply putting your hopes and dreams out there will help you accomplish your goals. The Connect Mama Circle will teach you to attract connections and opportunities.
Women learn through trial and error, by communicating, by receiving subtle support and gentle guidance as they make their inevitable mistakes.
In order for this form of learning to occur, we need a space to be honest about what is in our heads and in our hearts.
The Connect Mama Circle allows you to open up about what you are experiencing, to acknowledge your emotions, and to resolve issues knowing you have the strength of other women behind you.
Circles are a fun way to spend an hour or so with a group of women.
It is as simple as that!
Have you never attended a circle before, are curious and want to know more?
Depending on the energy and needs of the group, our circle will involve different activities.
– guided group meditations
– focused topic conversation, deep listening and sharing
– intention setting
– releasing rituals
– Our mandala altar creation each week
– ample time to discuss whatever the group brings up that week
– guest speakers and other learning experiences
Thinking that you want to join us?
Bookings can be made through Eventbrite.
The details…
• Starting date TBA
• Four consecutive Friday mornings 10.00am – 1.00pm
Venue:   TBA 
Bedrooms welcome to be used for babies to sleep in porta cots
What’s included:
• 4 x 3-hour circles
• Coffee, Tea, Nourishing soup and sweet snacks made by Marissa
– Snacks prepared to take home, recipes inspired from my Snack & Fill your freezer meal packages.
• Access to my book library which covers topics such as pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding & wellness.
• Embroidery kit to create something for ourselves and enjoy stitching while sharing our stories in circle
• 10- 20 minute, Neck and shoulder massage each by  a local massage therapist
• Two Guest speakers  with topics on wellness in motherhood will chat for 40-60minutes.
*******Babies in arms are very much welcome.
It may be difficult to concentrate if older babies and children attend with you, and it is preferable if another care giver could offer support so the sessions can be as nourishing as possible for you.
Investment: $189.00
Payment plan available, via Pay pal of 4 separate payments

Mother Art Workshop Series

Maternal Connection’s Mother Art Workshop series is supporting mums during their prenatal and postpartum time.

These workshops teach you about the importance of self-care, whilst also using art therapy to nurture us during the initial postpartum and beyond. I believe postpartum lasts forever, and that we need to continue to connect and support each other as mothers.

Workshops are inclusive, authentic and strive for honest and real connections. My intention is that these workshops:

Connect women in a multi-generational community circle
Encourage women to embrace mothering as a path of self-development
Encourage a mother’s intuitive wisdom

In my own transition to a mother, I found these workshops a beautiful space to connect with other likeminded women.

After the birth of my first child, I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety. I was isolated, burned out and sleep deprived. When I birthed my second child, I made conscious choice to create a supportive environment, and joining local artist Bec (The Tentative Strategist), in her journaling series for mum’s was one such action.

Connecting with this group of women, who were at a similar stage of their life journey, allowed me to feel seen as a woman and mother. I hope my series can create similar connection and calm for participants.

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